By offering its managed Network Monitoring solution, SIM assumes the responsibility of fault and performance monitoring over all or a subset of a carrier’s network.
We provide round-the-clock network surveillance and first-level trouble resolution through a central Network Operation Center (NOC).
SIM integrates multiple platforms of a carrier’s NOC, and staffs and runs a carrier’s NOC. We use best practice processes and apply state-of-the-art tools to provide 24 x 7 network surveillance and trouble resolution.
Our managed Network Monitoring solution offers our clients targeted Tier-1 and Tier-2 support services to help them:

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SIM’s network monitoring services complement our clients’ existing network support activities. We help by managing the 24×7 demands on uptime and performance of voice and data infrastructure.

SIM provides the NOC integration, resourcing, surveillance and reporting capabilities that help carriers in monitoring closely the end-to-end availability and performance of their network, triggering timely interventions, identifying risks and escalating mitigation actions, managing field workforce, and controlling network operations and maintenance costs.

When part of the network goes down, this translates into lost revenue, a decrease in customer service level and satisfaction, and ultimately, reduced profits. The impact of an outage is often not limited to the duration of the outage. By deploying our managed network monitoring solution, we deliver to our clients:

Our managed network monitoring solution offers two tiers of support services to our clients:

1. Network surveillance
We offer Tier 1 support services that include 24×7 real-time monitoring of the end-to-end operation of the network, or of specific segments of the network (depending on the scope of our contract) from our clients’ Network Operations Center (NOC). SIM also integrates network surveillance services provided across multiple NOCs, or can integrate multiple NOC platforms to perform its network surveillance services centrally.
Our services are performed in compliance with contracted service level agreements (SLAs). These SLAs form the basis of managing the availability of the network, the performance of network surveillance and fault management services against commonly agreed key performance indicators, as well as the mechanisms of interaction between SIM and our clients’ field support staff.
Specifically, we will:

2. Network fault management
SIM will perform Tier-2 (remote) support services to diagnose and manage an event from detection to closure. We will act to analyze and correlate events, isolate faults, and ensure that corrective action is taken to resolve troubles through the experience of our NOC team, or by dispatching field resources via agreed-upon escalation mechanisms.
Specifically, we will: