By engaging SIM to take over support responsibilities on a multi-vendor network, carriers realize better efficiency and effectiveness in operations and maintenance than they would if they managed multiple support outsourcing and out-tasking contracts.
We consolidate the management of several maintenance contracts in one master service agreement and assume the responsibility of filling any gaps along the way, whether related to skill, capability, technology or location.
In doing so, SIM acts as a single point of contact supporting networks, relieving the carrier from all tiers of network support and from the complexity posed by managing multiple equipment OEMs and by poor integration of existing platforms.
We reduce costs of operation and maintenance while streamlining support services.
Our solution helps clients:

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By deploying this managed service solution, SIM consolidates multiple vendor interfaces into one, to act as a single point of contact for all operations and maintenance services across the network or those part of the network that are included in SIM’s contract.
SIM adopts proven tools and methodologies to manage multiple vendor and service contracts, and perform all tiers of support, from remote surveillance, to network diagnostics and troubleshooting, to optimization and field maintenance. We deploy expert resources who are skilled in maintaining core equipment, Intelligent Network (IN) platforms, switching platforms, Value Added Service (VAS) systems, microwave and optical transmission, and radio or cabled access segments of our clients’ networks. SIM is capable of leveraging its relationships with equipment vendors and third party service providers to manage warranties and replacements.

The benefits of engaging SIM as an end-to-end multi-vendor support service provider are: