Large network expansion and network modernization/evolution initiatives are of strategic importance for telecommunications carriers. To realize value early and maintain their competitiveness in their markets, carriers turn to managed service partners to engineer and roll-out networks and technologies fast in addition to operating and maintaining core, transmission, switching, routing, radio, and outside plant infrastructure.
In situations where skills and resources are scarce for fast network engineering and build-out, SIM provide carriers its End-to-End Managed Services solution to build, operate and manage their networks.
By proposing a Build-Operate-Manage (B-O-M) managed service model on parts or all of a carrier’s network, SIM provides its Clients with a high-value managed service offering that truly substantiates the depth of the partnership. Our solution helps carriers:

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SIM helps carriers that need to expand, in cost effective manner, parts of their networks to new geographical areas or to introduce a new generation of technology on the core, transmission or access segments of their networks. SIM engineers and rolls-out those parts of the network and manages and delivers all related operation and support services.
While carriers are best positioned to perform strategic planning and procurement/sourcing activities for their products, services, and technology networks, SIM enables their strategies by engaging skilled resources to plan, engineer, install, integrate and test new parts of their networks. We also offer a full range of fault, performance and configuration management services on those deployed parts of the network by performing remote monitoring and field support and optimization tasks. We finally transition and transfer assets and resources to the carrier upon completion of our contract.

By engaging SIM as a strategic partner of their organizations to provide our comprehensive end-to-end managed service solution, carriers get access to the long experience of our professionals in fixed and wireless network engineering, roll-out and support, their service expertise and their proven track record. Furthermore, our solution offer the following benefits to our Clients:

Our managed end-to-end service solution works on a Build-Operate-Manage model whereby SIM’s services extend from network planning, design, engineering and build-out, to network operation and maintenance, to eventual transfer of network resources, assets, and responsibilities.
1. Network planning, design, engineering, build-out
SIM will take over the responsibility of planning services on contracted parts of the network. Our skilled resources are experienced with core networks, Intelligent Network platforms, switches and gateways, transmission equipment and media, 2G/3G/4G radio, as well as outside plant and distribution networks. We will liaise with network vendors to collaborate on engineering the network and manage the complete build-out, integration and testing of the network.
Specifically, we will:

2. Monitoring, management, and field support
SIM will operate and maintain the deployed network from end-to-end. It will resource and run the Network Operating Centers (NOCs) of its Clients, performing remote network surveillance, and perform Tier-2 and Tier-3 support services on the “passive” infrastructure and on active elements of all segments of the network, including core, transmission, and access.
Specifically, we will:

3. Transfer assets, resources and responsibilities to Client
Upon completion of its contractual duties, SIM will transition and transfer its scope of work to the Client or to third parties. Specifically, we will: