Today, even in emerging markets, sustaining growth is becoming more challenging for telecommunications operators. ARPUs are declining and EBITDA margins are under rising pressure. Since network expenses often account for 40% to 50% of annual costs, optimizing the efficiency of network operations is often an integral part of a carrier’s business strategy.

As they seek to adapt their business models to gain a competitive advantage, carriers now recognize the benefit of engaging an experienced business partner to turn their network operations into a strategic differentiator. Meanwhile, they can focus management attention on customer-facing activities and on developing their offerings and their brands.

SIM’s portfolio of managed services comprises of solutions that are specifically tailored to offer wireless and fixed carriers a unique value proposition. We integrate our network services seamlessly within your business model to reduce management complexity. The result is the realization of tangible value for your business and optimal return on investment in our partnership.

Our managed service solutions are flexible, scalable, and customizable. Each of these solutions comprises of a number of components which we can scale-up or remove depending on the needs of our clients: