SIM supports the AMAR Foundation in enhancing education and health facilities across Iraq

London, April 29, 2012

“Executive Chairman of AMAR, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne (centre) with SIM board member Abdulaziz Behbahani (left) and SIM CEO Anis Hakawati (right) at the AMAR charitable gala ceremony held in London on the 29th April, 2012”

On the occasion of the AMAR Foundation’s 20th anniversary, SIM was one of the main sponsors at a charitable gala ceremony held at the Savoy Hotel, London on the 29th April, 2012. The prestigious event attended by many notable Middle East and UK identities raised much needed funds to support the Amar Foundation’s charitable work in Iraq.

SIM along with other corporations support AMAR’s public health and education programs, which provide over 50,000 patient consultations per month at AMAR’s fully-equipped Health Care Facilities. The funding also sustains an education program providing adult literacy classes for 2,000 previously illiterate men and women.

AMAR’s Health Education in Schools program reaches over 15,000 Iraqi children every week, providing basic information and advice, the program is tailored to give children the best chance to keep in good health and avoid preventable illnesses.

In appreciation of SIM’s support, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, the Executive Chairman of AMAR commented, “By supporting the AMAR foundation, SIM is helping to address the longstanding need for basic health care and education after several decades of neglect and deterioration of Iraq’s health and education systems. On behalf of the board of AMAR, I extend sincere gratitude to SIM’s management for their thoughtful support.”

Anis Hakawati, CEO of SIM said, “Poor health and education hinders the ability to find employment and to form sustainable communities. SIM’s support the AMAR Foundation’s work in the delivery of primary health care and education services in Iraq brings a distinct and positive impact to the future prosperity of the country.”

In addition to the public health care and education services, SIM’s and other corporation’s generous support to the AMAR Foundation provides: