Our People

Our people play a critical role in our mission to better serve our customers and exceed our shareholder’s expectations. Together with our customer focus and our corporate social responsibility, we acknowledge our employees and outsourced partner’s human resources as our utmost asset.

Our 800 plus workforce of predominantly Iraqi nationals plays a very important role in our brand promise of ‘Empowering the Telecommunications Industry in Iraq’. Together with our client focus and exceptional service offerings, we acknowledge our employees as our enablers to expand exponentially. We value them and will empower them to fulfill their highest potential.

SIM is committed to employing local Iraqi talent and further developing their capabilities through a combination of on the ground training and undergoing special development programs in-house and with major technology providers from around the globe.

Increasing their levels of job satisfaction and encouraging them to grow and develop is our goal. By doing such, we build a workplace culture that respects the vital role we play in society and utilizes the talents that individuals bring to the organization.

Our extended family includes numerous Iraqi nationals that work for third party entities that SIM outsources particular work to. Their professional well-being and advancement is something we care about and support on various levels.

It is important for SIM that our people are highly motivated and their day to day deliveries and dealings and with our clients are outstanding.

To further ensure that our clients in Iraq receive the latest technologies and efficient procedures in implementing such, SIM employs a highly skilled back office team of individuals made up of 15 nationalities that transfer such knowledge to and support the local on-the-ground Iraqi team in solving complex troubleshooting areas.

We are a new and fast growing company and we wholeheartedly welcome Iraqi nationals with Technical and Engineering education and experience to join us. Please email us your CV to