Anis Hakawati, Chief Executive Officer of SIM

Playing a significant role in the founding of SIM, Anis Hakawati was appointed the company’s CEO effective October 2011.

A highly respected telecom engineer turned business executive, Anis comes to SIM with an impressive 12-year track record across the Middle East and Africa that has covered many network technology facets of the telecommunications industry.

Attaining invaluable experience by working with leading world-class technology providers of the likes of Siemens AG (2000 -2005) and Nokia Oyj (2006-2007), Anis undertook critical roles that ranged from Technical Consultant to Operations and Project Manager for countless deployment, service and turnkey telecom projects in many countries across the EMEA region with both Siemens AG and Nokia Oyi.

With such successes in the field, Nokia Oyj recruited Anis to manage the operations for Zain in Iraq and was appointed later as Projects Director to lead technology and turnkey deliverables with the Zain Group,. He was responsible for managing Nokia Oyi projects with Zain Group’s Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Bahrain mobile operations as well as further developing Nokia’s relationship and seeking new business with Zain in its newly acquired Africa operations.

In late 2007, Anis joined the Kuwait based Shabakkat Operations Company as its Managing Director. Shabbakat is a fully fledged Telecommunication technology implementation and managed services optimization business that operates across the Middle East and Africa with over 800 employees. As an active board member, Anis oversees the company’s day to day business activities across all operations as well as the company’s expansion strategy.

A Lebanese citizen, Anis is fluent in English and Arabic languages. He attained a Bachelor of Communication Engineering in 1998 and a Master of Business Administration in 2001. Additionally, Anis has undertaken numerous leadership, managerial and technical training courses over the years with Siemens, Nokia and many other 3rd party suppliers.

A dynamic professional of the highest caliber, Anis currently maintains the dual role of MD of the Shabakkat Operations Company and the CEO of SIM