An independent and unique corporate entity wholeheartedly focused on the development of Iraq’s telecommunication industry, SIM was established in October 2011. It is a joint venture between Shabakkat Operations LLC, Iraq and Middle East Telecommunications Company (METCO), two telecom service companies that have been successfully operating across the whole of Iraq since the launch of mobile telecom services in 2003.

As a result of this unification, SIM is in a prime position to extend its exceptional service offerings to all telecommunication providers in Iraq.

SIM’s portfolio of managed services comprises of solutions that are specifically tailored to offer wireless and fixed carriers in Iraq a unique value proposition.

As carriers seek to adapt their business models to gain a competitive advantage, they now recognize the benefit of engaging an experienced business partner to turn their network operations into a strategic differentiator. By partnering with SIM, carriers can focus their respective management’s attention on customer-centric marketing and financial-generative activities that will improve their bottom line as well as enhance their brand.

SIM integrates its services seamlessly within the carrier’s business model to reduce management complexity. The result is the realization of tangible value for their business and optimal return on investment in our partnership.

Through SIM’s brand promise of “Empowering the Telecommunications Industry in Iraq”, whether it be end-to-end managed services, multi-vendor network support, infrastructure site support or network monitoring, the company offers Iraqi telecom operators solutions that are flexible and scalable, all under one umbrella.

This new entity, the largest of its type in Iraq, draws upon the human capital of over 800 highly-skilled people who work closely with SIM in either a direct or indirect capacity as subcontractors, service providers, and other 3rd parties that SIM outsources work to. They are all predominantly Iraqi nationals- mostly civil, mechanical and telecom engineers, as well as experienced support personnel with a wide range of skill sets that work for local companies.

SIM is the materialization in the confidence of future prosperity of Iraq and the company looks forward to playing a contributory role in the country’s future development.